The Learning Centre with a Difference...

Children are naturally curious and enjoy learning. The role of the Montessori teacher is to satisfy and support this natural search for knowledge. Pupils mostly learn (with guidance) independently; they learn at their own pace. Mutual respect and consideration encourage the children’s social competence.

Montessori pedagogy is on the whole based on the following points:

  • Building up trust and respect
  • Encouraging taking on responsibility and decision making
  • Supporting process-orientated learning leading towards working independently

The School

The Montessori School Bern is a small private school in Bern. Around 70 pupils attend our school, divided into three grades, from kindergarden to the 1st - 3rd  and 4th - 6th grades and since August 2021 completed with our new upper school from 7th - 9th grades.

Apart from French, we also offer options for classes in English and painting.

The Montessori School Bern is recognised by the Swiss state and is under the auspices of state school inspection. The school's curriculum, therefore, follows the swiss german schooling program "Lehrplan 21".

The Montessori School Bern does not receive any state subsidies. Financial support comes exclusively from school fees paid by parents.

The School is open to everyone, and is non-political, non-religious and is independent of any ideologies.


Children with mother-tongue French or English are most welcome – our multi-language teaching team can also teach children in these two languages and at the same time introduce them to the German language.


The Montessori School Bern from kindergarden to the 6th grade is located on Lentulusstrasse 30 in Bern is easily accessible by public transport (bus nr 10 to Köniz, stop Weissensteinstrasse or tram nr 6 to Fischermätteli, stop Cäcilienstrasse). The school’s infrastructure is open to all Montessori pupils (work rooms etc), which are used for lessons by the Montessori School. A speech therapist is also available.
Gymnasium and also rooms for handcraft we can use at the nearby Weissenheim. Also the delicious organic food for our meals we can obtain from the Weissenheim.

The Montessori School Bern for uper grades 7th to 9th, is located in Münsingen right at the station, reachable from Bern by train within 15 minutes.

Other Information

The Montessori School Bern has regular information evenings and open days. If you are interested in sending your child to our school simply register your child, by calling or emailing us. Your child will then be able to visit us for a day or two and participate in lessons. This allows the child to experience first hand how their new surrounding operate and both children and teachers get to know each other.

Interested?  Don’t hesitate to contact us – we look forward to seeing you!